Beating All Odds

About the Foundation

The Pumping Adrenaline Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for Covid19 research and transplant research plus patient care. 

How We Got Started

The Pumping Adrenaline Foundation was created after our Founder contracted the covid19 virus and got over it… or so he thought.  

Several months later a simple cold virus brought back what was thought to be gone.  COVID had laid dormant in his heart.  After 3 weeks of not having any symptoms, he started to wake up gasping for air entering what is now know as week 4.  With this new symptom, he finally agreed to go see his PCP.  His doctor promptly took his blood pressure and did a EKG.  Without going any further he told him that he was in Afib and needed to go to the emergency room immediately.  Upon arriving at the ER, he was admitted immediately and they began testing to see what was causing the issue.  They came to find out his heart was at 10% and his liver and kidneys had completely shut down.  Oddly, he had no signs other than a touch of jaundice.  After, a couple hours in the local hospital they informed him they had exhausted all their resources and were transferring him out to Allegheny General Hospital. Upon arrival there, he was immediately taken into the cath lab where he was put on ECMO to bypass his failing heart.  Nine days later he was given the gift of life and received his heart transplant.  Thru this incredible journey he and his wife thought about how unprepared they were for this new chapter of life and only had the hospital to rely on for what to do next.  The hospital was amazing but they realized most transplant patients around them had been preparing for this step for months or years.  
It was then that Pumping Adrenaline Foundation was conceived.  They realized how in this new world with COVID others would be facing their reality and they never wanted anyone to sit alone again. Pumping Adrenaline strives to become a charity for those people who have had to have transplants or life changing issues due to covid 19.  We also want to help assist in medical research programs that help stop this from being someones reality.  Our hope is that we can change the face of COVID transplant life!